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Authored By Elie Haoui

Every Order Plants Trees

SmileHoodie’s founder and CEO Elie Haoui wanted to more than just fill his customers orders, like many other small businesses he wanted to find a way to also give back to the community. Through, he found just the way to do that. With every purchase order through SmileHoodie, a donation is made which is used to plant trees.

Deforestation is a huge issue in our world today and is a large contributor to the global warming issues that are happening. The loss of forests contributes between 12 percent and 17 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. To help to fix this issue, planting trees has become a very easy way to give back and try to help out. It takes as little as $0.11 to provide support and care for a tree to be planted. Just a few cents can make such a large impact on the environment and the fight against global warming. 

SmileHoodie’s desire to help out and give back has led to them to donate $1 from each and every purchase to the replanting of trees. This means that with every purchase made from the company you are planting 9 more trees to help to save the planet. Since SmileHoodie began these donations there have been around 255 donations made from the company meaning they have helped to plant over 2,000 trees. 

If you want to help to save the planet, all you have to do is place an order with SmileHoodie. The size of the order does not matter, you can order a beanie or a hoodie and you would still be helping to plant trees, which helps to combat these greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Not only are you helping out the planet when you make your purchase, but you are also buying yourself very high quality apparel, and who doesn’t love a good hoodie. 

SmileHoodie Helps Small Businesses 

Starting out as a brand new small business is difficult for many. SmileHoodie began in CEO Elie Haoui’s apartment, and has now grown to all over the United States! SmileHoodie has even shipped to fifteen countries around the world, something that would not have been possible without the overwhelming support from our loyal SmileHoodie customers. To give back to our customers, Haoui decided to promote other small businesses on site, giving customers a chance to see more amazing apparel. This also gives other small businesses a chance to promote their products and earn a new audience through SmileHoodie.

As a small business SmileHoodie recognized the struggle of starting out and decided to help other small businesses out by advertising their apparel on the SmileHoodie website. By promoting small businesses on his site, Haoui hopes to offer other small businesses this same chance at expansion. Haoui reaches out to businesses not only in the state of Ohio but all over the United States. This gives businesses in the state and outside of the state a chance to gain a new audience they may not have gotten on their own. SmileHoodie was also featured on Yahoo Finance, which helped gain even more traffic for the small businesses featured on our site.

So far SmileHoodie has three other small businesses on the website, including the Tie Dye Collection, the Candace Clark Collection, and Ronnie Magazine. Located on the homepage of the website you can find them easily and check out what they have to offer, maybe even purchase a hoodie, sweater, or beanie of your own. In the future, Haoui hopes to promote more small businesses, wanting to help as many people as he can out and to find more amazing products to advertise on the SmileHoodie website. We here at SmileHoodie hope to promote as many amazing businesses and products as we can to make sure every customer has an amazing experience on our website.

The 50 States Collection

Here at SmileHoodie, we are always looking for the next best thing and never want to leave anyone out of the fun. We are so happy to introduce the 50 States Collection which is something that has been in the works for a while. We noticed that many other small apparel businesses were only targeting a specific region when creating their merchandise. We wanted to give our customers a good feeling in the back of their minds, knowing that SmileHoodie doesn’t leave anyone out! What makes SmileHoodie different from many other companies, is the fact that we are a company for the people. Affordable, trendy and comfortable clothing is what we stand for and we didn’t want to keep that exclusively in one place. 

Our biggest goal is to really just get our name and cause out to the world, and by making hoodies for everyone in the United States, we will have unlocked more potential to give the world amazing hoodies! The 50 States Collection is really an amazing representation of SmileHoodie and for what we stand for… equality for all and to maximize our donations to help the fight against deforestation. Many have wondered if this collection will become very popular or if word will go around, and for us here at SmileHoodie popularity never mattered.

In fact SmileHoodie isn’t planning on stopping at the 50 States Collection. Soon there will be a hoodie for anyone in the world to relate to and really vibe with! If our customers aren’t satisfied, then neither are we. SmileHoodie is planning many more collections for many different demographics around the world, because we want everyone to know that we care about you here at SmileHoodie! Please note that all of the hoodies in the 50 States Collection are unisex and shipped worldwide! 

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